Landscaping Services

Idube landscaping was formed in 2001, with its head offices in KZN and Regional Offices in Durban, East London and Gauteng. Idube Landscaping provides services that include all commercial, industrial, retail and estate management needs such as:
  • Landscape maintenance of shopping centres, institutions, office parks
  • Landscape construction and design of new projects.
  • Large scale grassing and hydro-seeding.
  • Golf and sports turf construction and maintenance
  • Irrigation design and installation.
  • Hard landscaping and water features.
  • Coastal and environmental rehabilitation.
  • Conservation management projects & alien eradication
  • Bulk earthworks and shaping.

We Take Pride in Our Service

Since 1996, Idube Landscaping has provided natural and attractive landscaping to corporate clients. Our qualified horticulturalists work with the professional team to advise on the best ways to create environmentally friendly and indigenous landscaping solutions. Idube's maintenance team is highly trained and works under management supervision to provide a superior service. We take pride in our landscapes and work to keep them in pristine condition all year round.

Our name, Idube (Zulu word for Zebra) is a symbol of our South African heritage. Like the balance between the black and white on a zebra's skin, Idube Landscaping works to maintain a balance with nature and reduce the environmental impact of development.

Registered service provider to:
eThekwini Municipality
Ekurhleni Municipality
EMnambithi Municipality
KZN Provincial Administration


Maintenance is carried out swiftly and efficiently by our trained staff under supervision. Effective maintenance involves recognising and removing alien species, monitoring and maintaining optimal health of existing plants and carefully shaping to create a landscape that is managed but also free to develop naturally.


We use our years of experience and knowledge of indigenous landscaping to design and create natural environments. We work closely with the professional team to deliver a landscape that enhances its surroundings.


Natural landscaping softens commercial and industrial complexes – making buildings seem more integrated into their environment. Indigenous species provide a sanctuary for many insect and birds and generally require less water and maintenance to thrive.


We have substantial growing operations in KZN and the Eastern Cape which specialise in growing indigenous trees, shrubs and ground cover. Our plants are a quality guaranteed and cost effective solution.