Commercial Landscape Designing

The landscape design team at Idube Landscaping are qualified horticulturalists with more than 25 years’ experience.
Offering unparalleled attention to detail, the landscape designers conduct thorough research at the start of every project. This is done to determine which plants are best suited to the area and to meet the individual requirements of each client.
The premise of every corporate landscaping design is aesthetics, but many clients will have bespoke requests too. The team works tirelessly to achieve the desires of their clients. In meeting client requests, our team is experienced in designing water-wise, indigenous, and low-maintenance creations off the back of intensive research into the plants of the area.
Idube Landscaping has the experience and infrastructure to work with clients to meet their budget with the best possible designs.
Underscored by a real understanding of successful design, Idube Landscaping considers all elements in creating striking commercial landscapes, including:


Colour is crucial in landscape design. Colour brings the landscape to life by adding dimension and interest. Colour can be added using plant material or hardscapes such as paving, walls or fences. It is an important feature in the design, attracts wildlife, and adds seasonal variety.


The lines used in the design can impact the flow of the gardens you are looking to create. Straight lines and hard angles will create a formal look, while curved lines will create an informal look.



Texture can be added using plant material or hardscape materials.


Form is the shape or structure of a plant or object. What forms are used depends on the landscape design theme. For example, a formal garden should have tailored forms such as clipped hedges, while an informal garden will have a more natural flowing form.