Landscaping Installations and Construction

Servicing the commercial landscaping industry for more than 20 years
With a CIDB 7 rating, Idube Landscaping can do any installation up to the value of R30 million
BEE level 3, with 51% black ownership through the Idube Employees Trust. Idube was ahead of the curve when it came to transformation, making a donation of shares and integrating this fundamental component of their ownership structure to address the inequalities of the past
Idube Landscaping uses a broad palette of indigenous plant species for striking, natural landscapes. Not only are these landscapes aesthetically attractive, they are also drought-resistant, long-lasting, and water-wise
Operating within an ethos of honesty and integrity
Multiple award-winning commercial landscapes
Projects include commercial, office, and retail properties, as well as residential estates
Working with focus, dedication, and attention, Idube Landscaping provides exceptional work in an impressive turnaround time
Innovative and in tune with local and international trends
Grassing and hydro-seeding
Regularly utilises rainwater harvesting and other water-wise measures. Idube Landscaping were also pioneers of GravelFix in KwaZulu-Natal - a product which is being used for water conservation to great effect in European cities.
Together with indigenous natural rock and ground cover, Idube Landscaping transforms everything from verges and small beds to large corporate installations with authenticity and mindfulness.
Idube Landscaping is also au fait with the latest international developments, technologies, and trends for optimal sustainable landscaping and elevating the green status of businesses through plant choice and mediums.
Landscape rehabilitation and alien plant removal